What is Blue Beauty?

-We thank you for asking.  We define Blue Beauty as sustainably sourced ingredients plus ocean-safe ingredients and responsible packaging.

How to use the Naked Sheet Mask?

-Everyone’s skin has different needs.  Please use enough product to cover your face and neck with a tacky film.  When starting any new product, please start slow 1-2 times per week.  Work your way up to three times per week if desired.  Some products may have air bubbles (from manufacturing) that may dissipate over time. 


Are your products vegan?

-We only use 100% vegan products


Are you cruelty free?

-Our product will always be cruelty free and never tested on animals.  Complete stop.


What is Sea Kelp?

-Kelps are a type of seaweed, or macroalgae.  They tend to grow in cooler waters, where they create lush habitats rich in biodiversity. As ecosystems, they are as important as coral reefs and mangrove forests to the overall health of the ocean.

Why is Bio-fermented Sea Kelp?  

-Is a fermented sea kelp extract that has been derived by fermentation of Sea Kelp using lactobacillus. Fermentation is one of the oldest technologies used by different peoples and cultures throughout the world for food preservation.  Most fermentation is carried out via lactic acid bacteria (LAB) also known as lactobacilli. Fermentation acts as a preservative for foods, enabling smooth digestion, as well as increases the production of vitamins, minerals, and various other phyto-chemicals, depending upon the plant being fermented. The fermentation process converts ingredients from an inactive form to a bio-active form that our bodies can easily recognize and therefore process more efficiently.


Why is Bio-fermented Sea Kelp good for our skin?

-An abundance of bio-active antioxidants.


Our environmental commitment!

-As a Blue Beauty brand, we are committed to supporting the environment with recycled products, eco packaging and continue to learn, grow with our community.  We work with Puget Soundkeeper and donate a portion of our profits. We ask you to recycle your beauty products while we work on finding a recycling partner.