About Us

Our Mission

Bisou Bisou Skin is Blue Beauty, a sustainable skincare movement that takes conscientious beauty one step further than clean, focusing on lowering the negative impact of beauty products and packaging on our marine life and oceans. All Products must be safe for the skin and environment, sustainably sourced, and ocean-friendly. 

Meet Denise

Our founder Denise Doherty, a Licensed Master Esthetician in Washington State, started her skincare journey in the Ayurvedic tradition. Denise continued her studies with a plastic surgeon to complete her Master Esthetics courses successfully.  During that time, she worked in local spas, where she excelled in advance treatments, training new estheticians, and educating clients on skin care routines. 

Denise was selected as the inaugural Program Manager in Seattle for the national, wellness  non-profit, Lipstick Angels that partners with hospitals and cancer centers to provide personalized clean beauty & wellness services at the patient’s bedside and more, www.lipstickangels.org.  While working for Lipstick Angels, Denise found a passion for innovative, non-toxic ingredients. Denise her dynamic background to combine her passion for the environment, skincare and giving back.  

During the pandemic, Denise decided to pivot and follow her dream.

Bisou Bisou Skin was born!

About Puget Soundkeeper's

Puget Soundkeeper’s mission is to protect and enhance the waters of Puget Sound for the health and restoration of our aquatic ecosystems and the communities that depend on them. We monitor Puget Sound water quality, enforce the Clean Water Act when the agencies responsible fail to uphold the law, and help set strong policies and regulations that protect our waterways and our health. Soundkeeper engages Puget Sound communities and corporations in waterway cleanups and recovery projects, and works to get information to the public about local water pollution issues.