Easy Ways to go Sustainable in the New Year-Let's do this Together.

Easy Ways to go Sustainable in the New Year-Let's do this Together.

Easy Ways To Go Sustainable in the New Year.

As the new year approaches, we all focus on making the new chapter of our lives better on many levels. We focus on our mental growth, our career growth, and our relationships with the people around us. We always prioritize ourselves when we plan for the future. But do our actions show the same compassion? Are we thinking of the environmental impacts our actions are causing on nature?

 The main reason why global warming is on the rise today is because of the choices we have made in the past. Our lifestyle as the citizens of this planet has already changed the weather patterns and disrupted the usual balance of nature. But is it too late? No, not yet. We have the chance to save our planet by adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Make it your New Year's resolution to go sustainable this year!

1: Use Compost Bin

Composting means separating organic waste from other waste so that it can decompose itself and can be used in soil or plants. For this, you can start small with a cardboard box with newspapers laid inside and create a small compost bin. 

Put all those coffee grounds, vegetable peelings, eggshells, and even tea bags in this bin for decomposition. Once your compost is turned into brown crumbly components, use them in your garden as soil nourisher. 

2: Avoid Plastic Consumption

We use plastics in the form of shopping or storage bags, water bottles, straws, disposable cutlery, etc., so much that it has become a part of our lifestyles. But we don't need to rely on these plastic products because there are other alternative options in the market. Packaging is another issue, as most products we use come in plastic packaging. 

We have changed major industries' use of plastic packaging, but we haven't focused on beauty brands using plastic packaging to attract consumers. However, as consumers, it is up to us to refuse to use beauty products in plastic packaging. 

3: Changing The Energy Habits

Consider it your responsibility to take care of energy consumption at home. For example, before leaving home, unplug all appliances to make sure there is no energy drain. Since electronics drain power even when turned off, get into the habit of unplugging chargers and appliances that aren't in use.

Besides, when it is daytime, and you are blessed with a house that lets natural light in, then use it. Open curtains during the day and take advantage of the sunlight. You can save on the lights by turning off lights in rooms you're not using. 

4: No Food Wastage

Food is vital for life, but what would happen if the food resources went extinct? All mankind will stave to death. Only make as much food as you can consume because the excessive food goes into the bin and gets wasted. 

If anything is left, use reusable containers to store it in the refrigerator so that you can eat it later. Instead of relying on plastic wrap and aluminum foil, pack your food in reusable containers and reduce plastic pollution. 

Wrapping Up!

Sustainability is not a choice. It is a responsibility of humanity. If people take this responsibility seriously, we can avoid the impacts of global warming in the future and make a world livable for future generations. 

Thank you for reading and taking action.


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